Supply Chain at Prolec GE

July 2017, by Edgardo Cruz, VP Supply Chain at Prolec GE

In every business in the world, the main purpose of a Supply Chain system is to align internal operations to customer service and satisfaction, ensuring the benefit of all parties involved. But when businesses create different ways of meeting their customers’ needs, and those strategies become a business differentiator, it’s always exciting news! These are the reasons that prompt a customer to choose a specific vendor. This is how competition starts.

A Company’s or Business’ Supply Chain can be, without a doubt, a differentiator. That is, one of the reasons leading a business to compete, or to be “an option” for its customers; When the Supply Chain provides the business with the features other competitors do not have, its goal turns out to be same as the business’s goal.

Now that the reason for the mere existence of Supply Chains has been explained, I would like to share how business processes can be improved, especially, those representing the Supply Chain.

At Prolec GE, we have a strong customer-oriented culture. Our customers’ needs lead all the changes our processes face, and the adjustments made within our organization; In order to provide the best service, with regard to our Supply Chain, we request the involvement of all departments: Commercial, Finance, Product Design, Operations, Purchasing, Supplies and, of course, our Suppliers; All of them together strengthen our Supply processes in such a way, that we can continue offering competitive valuable service and products to our customers.

This work process, in which different areas, visions and needs are represented, and where we have unquestionably created a significant synergy thanks to the involvement and commitment of all parties involved, ensure the success of all our projects and initiatives.

One of the most important things we have learned with this practice is how to strengthen our processes and improve our interaction with suppliers. We highly recommend applying this strategy in all workplaces, since it is, without a doubt, a successful formula for business growth.