Relocation consists of multiple services combined into a single project.

All the details must be perfectly coordinated: reliability commissions and line crews for outages, government agencies for permitting, heavy haul services for lifting and transporting the transformer and its components, law enforcement for traffic control where needed, oil handling crews, assemblers for disassembly and reassembly, and technicians for acceptance testing following the move.

The typical project scope for these services is:

  • Reviewing the project on site and planning all details and required resources
  • Verifying the original condition of the transformer
  • Draining and disassembling the unit
  • Packaging accessories and parts, loading on specialized carriers and transporting all to the new site
  • Reassembling, drying, oil filling and final testing of the transformer.

With the appropriate resources and experience to coordinate the full scope of this work, Prolec GE is your best option.

Our primary objective is to ensure the service integrity for our clients through effective planning and quality control to minimize any lost revenue, damages or unplanned liabilities.


Offloading of the transformer and its accessories is a critical part of the transportation process requiring an experienced professional team that understands the intricacies of this operation. We know that the transformer is often an integral part of a critical schedule and that any damage could result in very costly delays as well as repairs.

Prolec GE crews have the knowledge and skills to carefully and accurately move the transformer from its delivering vehicle onto the pad exactly where you have specified. With safety in mind, we relocate it into its final location, taking great care to not only protect the transformer, but to avoid damaging any of the existing infrastructure in the substation.

As a part of the Prolec GE team, our crews understand the delicate nature of this operation and the value of doing it right the first time.

We place great value on the transformer as well as our clients’ substation investment, taking great care to achieve client satisfaction every time.