Special Services


Maintenance of power transformers is not simple. Therefore, Prolec GE offers courses taught by our experts which cover the most important aspects of transformers and operational details of the equipment. Written material is provided to each participant and the courses contain a practical hands-on section where the participants consolidate their learning.

Prolec GE supports the planning and execution of all its services, not only in its extensive and proven experience with transformers handling, but also with solid technical references such as international norms, technical literature, industrial practices and our own research and developmental activities.

Retrofit / Upgrades

In Prolec GE we know that there are many advantages choosing a retrofit solution.

Retrofitting includes providing a new transformer for a replacement with same characteristics as the old one, that has to be removed from service. Another option is an upgrade for existing accessories in order to maintain the same service level or improved; this procedure not only increases performance, but also saves down-time and costs.

Our retrofit services are design to guarantee quality and are technically supported by our design and technology departments at the Prolec GE factory as required.

Technical consulting services

If the processes of assembly, vacuum, oil filling and field tests are performed with company crews and you want to minimize the risk of non-compliance with the Installation, Operation and Maintenance Manual, a Prolec GE field engineer can be contracted to provide technical knowledge and extensive experience in quality assurance and manufacturing. This engineer will be able to answer questions and provide guidance on the proper receiving, installation, storage, operation and maintenance procedures and identify opportunities and solutions to improve system performance, according with the transformer’s specifications.

Historic data shows that many of the causes for taking a transformer out of operation during its early life are defects due to an improper field assembly. Many customers have benefited from taking advantage of Prolec GE’s technical expertise through this optional service.