Repairs & field services

Field repairs

Power Transformers are one of the most important components of electrical energy supply networks. For this reason, in the event that your transformer requires a major repair, Prolec GE has the experienced personnel and the resources to work at the site and correct the defects.

Prolec GE customers know that we are the best option for any given field repair situation because we have shown that are able to deliver results that exceed customer expectations.

We have an experienced engineering staff that can provide answers to questions about any transformer failure concerns and subsequent repairs.


Some repairs could be exterior or interior such:

  • Installation of spare parts (bushing, gauges, etc)
  • Painting
  • Correcting or revising the control system.
  • Inspections to locate and repair any sources of gas generation
  • Resolving causes of partial discharges or excessive noise
  • Re-tightening of winding packages
  • Replacing tap changers.

Field testing

Electrical tests are performed to the transformer to verify its integrity after it has been transported, assembled, dried and oil filled. These are performed according to Prolec GE’s Installation, Operation and Maintenance Manual plus any agreed customer request. Examples of these tests are: insulation resistance (windings, core, and frame), ratio, and power factor. The oil is also tested at the field (power factor, dielectric strength, etc) and once the transformer is oil filled, a sample is sent to obtain a detailed chemical analysis and DGA (Dissolved Gas Analysis). These tests are performed and evaluated by experienced personnel comparing the results with the factory tests. Some optional tests that could be performed are frequency response, vibration, transients, etc.

Prolec GE provided the best and most professional service available to ensure that your transformers operate at optimum performance. Prolec GE is focused on preventive maintenance that minimizes cost and future maintenance and optimizes the life of the transformer.