Are you familiar with gas analysis for the early prevention of wind turbine Transformer?

April,2020, by Josué Rodríguez/ Omar Mendez/ Carlos Gaytan/ Gilberto Garza

In recent years, the analysis of dissolved gasses in wind farm transformers has caused many controversial comments about its behavior because of the elevated gas generation levels during its operation. Nowadays, gas level issue doesn’t have a solution in the industry and there is not a specification or a standard defined for these types of units.

Wind energy producers monitor their wind turbine transformers to assess their health condition and diagnose them based on IEEE C57.104 Guide for the Interpretation of Gases Generated in Oil-Immersed Transformer.

Even though some transformers have been inspected, neither root cause nor conclusive results have been found for these units. Based on this guide, users make decisions such as to increase monitoring or to take them out of operation, sometimes unjustified because the IEEE guide is applicable for bigger units with different application and internal components. So the gas limits established in the standard should be different to determine the health condition of a wind transformer.

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