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We are an organization focused on people’s talent, experience, service orientation, flexibility, and strong customer focus. In 1995 Xignux, a Mexican consortium with a significant presence in the electricity, infrastructure and food sectors, and General Electric (GE), a worldwide leader in multiple industries and services sectors, created Prolec GE, a joint venture dedicated to the design, manufacture, and sales of high quality products and solutions for the generation, transmission and distribution of electrical energy.

Today we have world class processes that allow us to respond to our client’s requirements and address the challenges of our industry. We are one of the world’s most competitive transformer manufacturers, leveraging our people’s talents to the fullest.

Talent profile

We are committed to providing our personnel with opportunities to develop their skills in order to allow them to growth as individuals and professionals, and with that boost the positive impact of their activities in Prolec GE.

We are focused on the growth of each individual, because we know that our people are the most important factor in the growth of our company. We are also convinced that the development of our employees make them proud of being part of Prolec GE.

Our talent profile is closely tied to our vision to maximize our business value through leadership in served markets by delivering a sustainable balance of the needs of our client’s, shareholders, and employees, within a context of social responsibility and continuous learning.

To meet this purpose, the company has developed a variety of training programs for our associates. Highlighting the training process for their operations through these programs, the company provides opportunities for the development and growth of skills that help our people improve their performance, and our company’s results.

Prolec GE culture

We are convinced that the human factor is a critical competitive advantage. We seek the continuous development of this intellectual capital which translates directly into value generation and sustained growth for our organization.

As a permanent commitment we promote the professional upgrading and the talent development of our people. Therefore, we have initiatives that allow us to focus on institutional training programs (Xignux Work Culture – an induction program), skills development programs (Xignux Leadership Program, specified training for position, XCoach, among others) and technical specialization programs (key proficiencies through the Knowledge Dispersion System, college coursework, and advanced degree studies).

For new talents, we have internships programs in the commercial, production, engineering, manufacturing, finance, and other functions. From their orientation forward, we support our new employees through their career development, as a long term commitment to them while investing in their potential for helping the company.

In this vein, we have training programs that ease the development of the skills and proficiencies of our team. We look to recognize the special talents and performance of each member of our team, ensuring that they receive a just and competitive compensation for their contributions to the company.

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As a company with a strong and growing global presence, we need qualified personnel with education and experience in multiple career areas and/or specializations. We are continually searching for outstanding talent interested in joining our organization.

If you want to be a part of Prolec GE, enter the next website and provide us with your information.