About Us

Prolec GE is located in Mexico and is dedicated to designing, manufacturing, and selling products and solutions for the generation, transmission, and distribution of electrical energy. Prolec started in 1969 with the acquisition of a small transformer plant located in Mexico City. In 1976 a new plant was built in the state of Nuevo Leon. By 1995 Prolec GE was formed as a joint venture between Xignux, a Mexican consortium with significant presence in the electricity, infrastructure, and food sectors, and General Electric (GE), a worldwide leader in a number of industries and services sectors.


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Prolec GE offers a wide array of electrical transformer solutions that fit the varied needs and unique specifications across the range of industrial applications we serve – transformers designed for harsh environments, indoor installations, multiple capacities, a wide range of accessories, and other special features or service requirements – while meeting the most stringent safety standards. Thanks to our dedication to quality, the entire Prolec GE line performs precisely as promised – helping you generate, distribute and control electricity anywhere on the planet. Tell us what you need, and we’ll deliver for you.